Merced’s Treasurer used to have two jobs: Treasurer and Registrars of Voters. But apparently her conduct was so foul, created such a hostile work environment, and she made so many people uncomfortable that it created a liability for the County and the Board of Supervisors decided to relieve her from her duties as Registrar.

However, the job of Treasurer is elected and that means the Board couldn’t force her out. That’s why the Modesto Bee’s editorial staff has called for her ouster, either by her own hand or by the will of the voters, expressed through a recall election.

With three years left in her term, the Bee’s staff says that too much damage can be done to simply wait it out. Instead, the voters should turn to their best course of action: the recall.
From the Modesto Bee:

These days, people frequently call for an elected official to resign or be recalled, sometimes the moment that official has a misstep.

Recognizing that all officials are going to make occasional mistakes or controversial choices, we don’t advocate such radical steps unless there’s been a clear pattern of egregious behavior.

There has been such a pattern of bad behavior by Karen Adams, who until last week was both Merced County’s treasurer-tax collector and its registrar of voters.

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