When former Manhattan Beach city manager Geoff Dolan parted ways from his employer, it was with a confidentiality agreement. The city would only be allowed to report his start and end date, salary, that the parting was mutual, and that the city was thankful for his service. However, in the name of transparency, the city revealed more.

The confidentiality was important to Dolan, because the month before he resigned, the city received an anonymous complaint of sexual harassment.

Dolan claims that the release of such sensitive information has kept him from finding new employment. Therefore, he is filed suit against the city for defamation. This lawsuit came two months after the city rejected Dolan’s claim of $2 million in damages.

From EasyReaderNews.com:

Geoff Dolan, former Manhattan Beach city manager of 15 years, filed a lawsuit against the city of Manhattan Beach for breach of contract and invasion of privacy rights based on the city’s disclosure of records that Dolan argues were confidential. Dolan contends that the public release of the records caused him humiliation and has prevented him from obtaining employment.

Dolan also filed a suit against former city attorney Robert Wadden for professional negligence.

The lawsuit was filed Oct. 28, two months after the city rejected Dolan’s $2 million claim for damages, which he filed in May.

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