When San Fernando Mayor Mario Hernandez took his seat on the dais Monday night, he might have intended to relieve himself of burdens by publicly acknowledging stories that have swirled around. Yes, he said, he is declaring personal bankruptcy. Yes, his business is also declaring bankruptcy.

Then he kept talking, and before the city’s residents and his wife, he declared that he had been and was currently in a relationship with City Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre.

After a bit of commotion, Mayor Hernandez’s wife stood and began to speak. The mayor ruled she was out of order and asked the police to escort her from the chamber. The meeting was quickly adjourned shortly thereafter and the Mayor left with Councilwoman De La Torre.

From the San Fernando Valley Sun:

It seems it’s not enough that San Fernando has a police chief “on vacation” for having sex with a cadet, or a police dispatcher caught exposing himself, or Councilwoman Brenda Esqueda’s conflict of interest votes on the police department while having a sexual affair with police Sgt. Alvaro Castellon.

Monday night’s city council meeting showed that decorum and a sense of decency have no place on the agenda of the San Fernando City Council.

Instead of addressing the numerous issues that residents voiced concern about involving police abuse, the cost of moving the Villegas Lopez house for the third time, the council’s attempt to bring an independent fire company into the city without vetting it out with the public or the looming cuts to city staff while those at the top of the totem pole including the council remain untouched, those who attended the city council meeting were treated to a reality show.

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