At 22, few are elected to office. Even fewer are elevated to mayor by their colleagues on the city council. However, that exactly what’s happened in Placentia, California.

After being elected to the city council at the age of 19, Jeremy Yamaguchi was eleveated to his new office by vote of the city council. Three years into his term on the council, Yamaguchi has earned the requisite trust of his colleagues.

About his new responsibilities, Yamaguchi dismissed his age saying, in essence, that the job is no different to someone who is 22 than someone who is 80.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Jeremy Yamaguchi still lives at home, is active in the Boy Scouts and voted for the very first time just a few years ago.

He’s also -– at the ripe age of 22 -– the youngest mayor in Orange County, and perhaps the state, the Orange County Register is reporting.

Yamaguchi was named mayor of Placentia last week, the youngest person to hold the post in the city’s 85-year history. He was elected to the council when he was 19, serving alongside council members who’d known him since he was in grade school. He was the top vote-getter in that election.

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