State Controller John Chiang updated his website showing the salary, pension benefits and other compensation for 674,000 city and county employees in calendar year 2010.

The posting includes wages and other forms of compensation worth $38.8 billion. Four counties and 37 cities did not file in time for this website update.

“Holding public officials accountable for how they manage public dollars relies heavily on transparency,” said Chiang. “The struggles of the City of Bell remind us that corruption and fiscal mismanagement are often the byproducts of keeping the public in the dark.”

The site was originally created by Controller Chiang in late 2010, after he ordered local governments to provide salary and other wage information for their employees to his office.  In October 2010, the Controller collected and posted 2009 wage information for more than 600,000 city and county employees.  He then added 2009 information for the employees from 2,379 special districts.  In June, he added 2010 compensation information for 256,222 employees from the State of California and 123,406 from the California State University System (CSU).

The data postings drew heavy internet traffic, and the site has logged nearly 5.3 million page views since October 2010.

The website covers elected officials as well as public employees.  It includes the following information for each position:

  • Minimum and maximum salary ranges;
  • Actual wages paid;
  • The applicable retirement formula;
  • Any contributions by the employer to the employee’s share of pension costs;
  • Any contributions by the employer to the employee’s deferred compensation plan; and
  • Any employer payments for the employee’s health, vision and dental premium benefits.

In addition, the website shows employees who hold multiple positions within either State government or the CSU system. The Controller continues to update and expand the site to include more public-sector data.  2010 compensation information for special districts, and 2011 information for State and CSU employees will be phased in over the next six months.

In August, the Controller and Community College Chancellor Jack Scott wrote to all 72 districts across the State, requesting they also submit their payroll data by early 2012.

A list of agencies that failed to file payroll records with the State can also be found on this website.  Each non-complying agency could face a penalty of $5,000.  The Controller’s Office will continue to review and post the relevant data from these local governments as it is reported to the State.