PublicCEO Readers,

The newly redesigned of the PublicCEO website marks the start of a significant period for our company.

Since its original creation, PublicCEO has served under a business model of providing general news and broad resources to California’s local governments. However, our new structure will enable us to provide specific, detailed resources on a broad range of topics.

It’s an exciting time for us on the staff; and we hope it is for you, our readers. But no great improvements or achievements come without hard work and a bit of help. When it comes to hard work, I can promise you – on behalf of everyone associated with PublicCEO – that our commitment to our standard of quality won’t ever be compromised. Too many hours have gone into building this website that many in California have grown to trust and rely on. One of my roles as Editor is to provide that guarantee.

When it comes to help, I believe it is important to first ask your friends. That’s why I am coming to you all first. The combined knowledge of the PublicCEO readers, means that your expertise in so many fields of local government will always outweigh my own. I need your help.

Are you interested in writing for PublicCEO? Being a contributing author to PublicCEO means you are willing to share some of your experiences (both best practices and even some of the ideas that haven’t turned out so well) with the best and brightest of California’s local government.

Among the current contributors are housing and urban development commissioners, city council members, county supervisors, special district officials, former city managers, and more. Each has their perspectives and knowledge to share.

Already under development, and the next feature to roll out in the new PublicCEO, are PublicCEO Local Government Councils. These councils will enable us to delve deeper into issues by providing micro-targeted subsections in the website.

That’s a fancy way of saying that no matter the area of governance, you’ll be able to find it on PublicCEO.

It truly is an exciting time for us at PublicCEO, and it continues to be a deeply rewarding experience being Editor of this marvelous website. I look forward to what lies ahead with a sense of anticipation equaled only by my pride in what has been accomplished.

Very Respectfully,
Dan Oney