Maybe the third time is the charm for former Taft Mayor Cliff Thompson. Certainly his first two arrests for DUI didn’t sink in, but after his third in four weeks, perhaps he’ll ask his doctor to adjust his medications – the excuse he used for the hit-and-run, DUI arrest on November 11th. He said that he didn’t remember crashing his truck into a bank.

Three weeks later, a citizen reported a suspected drunk driver after witnessing a truck swerving. Police stopped the vehicle, took Thompson to the local hospital for blood tests, and then arrested him for DUI.

Now, Thompson was stopped a third time for driving erratically. The police booked him into jail, but refused to comment what had impaired Thompson.

Perhaps it was his brain.

From KERO News:

For the third time in four weeks, former Taft mayor Cliff Thompson has been arrested on driving under the influence charges.

Taft police said Thompson was arrested for a third time on Sunday at 1 a.m.

His first arrest was on Nov. 11 when he was responsible for hitting a building and then leaving the scene, police said.

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