The challenges and mini-scandals that have impacted the L.A. Housing Authority recently have left the city council hoping for greater local controls. In the last year, stories have emerged about expensive junkets, pricey meals, and golden parachutes for some of the officials at the Authority, and the council hopes that federal authorities and the Governor will give them more control.

The Authority, which actually oversees the housing needs of more than 60,000 Los Angeles residents, is a federally funded organization with an annual budget of $800 million.

Recently, L.A. Controller Wendy Gruel found out of control spending and fraud at the Authority, and has conducted several audits of its books since its last CEO was dismissed with a $1.2 million payout.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Angered by reports of lavish, taxpayer-funded restaurant meals and a high-priced payout for the fired executive director of Los Angeles’ housing authority, city leaders on Tuesday pushed for more direct, local control of the beleaguered agency.

Council members Jan Perry, Eric Garcetti and Dennis Zine introduced a motion calling on the governor and state lawmakers to work with housing officials in Washington to overhaul the governance of the $800-million-a-year federally funded entity responsible for sheltering 60,000 needy Angelenos.

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