Mayor Quan has left Facebook, as her wall and comments became a magnet to her many detractors.

After the first raid of the Occupy Oakland protest, the number of people positing derogatory comments increased exponentially. In fact, it’s hard to find a positive comment at all. From one comment decrying her as less than human to another (and another) demanding her resignation, Facebook has become an outlet for outrage.

Now, she will rely on un-social media to communicate, reducing her exposure to the vitriol.

From the East Bay Express:

Well, this was probably bound to happen: Now the target of not one but two recall campaigns — one led by progressives angry over her refusal to reappoint port commissioner Margaret Gordon, the other led by moderates who are in a huff over public safety issues — and after sustaining weeks and weeks and weeks of unmitigated internet vitriol, Jean Quan has decided to kill her Facebook page. “Mayor Quan will be disabling this facebook fan page,” twoth her account about an hour ago, and honestly, we’re surprised it took this long.

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