PublicCEO readers should be the first to know: I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a second job. This doesn’t mean I’m leaving PublicCEO, quite the contrary. I believe that my new duties at Prime Signs will help make PublicCEO an even more robust resource for California local governments.

In addition to my responsibilities as Editor of PublicCEO, I have been hired as the President of Prime Signs. Prime Signs is a California company that was started in 2006 to help service the needs collateral and sign needs of political campaign across the state. Since then, it has grown to be a premier vendor to campaigns of any size, in every state across the country.

It is important that PublicCEO readers understand that nothing will change in regards to my role with this organization.

My inclusion in this already successful company is part of a concerted effort to increase the appeal and marketability of Prime Signs. Many other industries, including government itself, use collateral to help build support in the community, communicate with residents, and promote events and programs. The lessons learned in the cyclical world of political campaigning can be applied to other markets as well, such as governments and corporations.

While both companies will continue to operate as separate entities, I hope to give each the leadership, dedication, and service they need to grow and prosper.

Importantly, there are benefits that can be shared by Prime Signs, PublicCEO, and PublicCEO subscribers alike. Being engaged in one will entitle you to discounts with the other.

In other words, for being a PublicCEO subscriber, you are entitled to an instant 5 percent discount on any order at Prime Signs. Or, if you are a company that does business with Prime Signs, you can receive a discount off of an advertising campaign with PublicCEO.

It is another way that I am working to be an asset to California’s local governments.