The residents of San Fernando didn’t hold back at a Monday city council meeting, the first since Mayor Mario Hernandez made the surprise announcements that he’s filed for personal and corporate bankruptcy and that he’s separated from his wife and was in a relationship with a colleague on the city council. Residents turned up and voiced their opinions in no uncertain terms.

One person was embarrassed to have voted for the mayor, another told him he was shameless, another (unidentified in the crowd) shouted out “Yeah Right” after the Mayor said that he had always remained honest about his personal life.

At the end of the night, city business continued but it’s likely that the main takeaway was another head-shaking response to the mayor of San Fernando.

From the L.A. Times:

The mayor of San Fernando, who recently admitted publicly to an affair with a fellow council member while his wife was in the audience, came under harsh criticism by residents at a council meeting Monday.

“I’m sorry I voted for you,” Dee Akemon told the council.

“You ain’t got no shame at all,” added Samuel Beltran, 77.

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