35 of Sacramento’s top managers, including the City Manager, have agreed to pay their full employee contribution to CalPERS. In previous years, the 7 percent contribution was either covered partially or entirely by the city. However, tough budgeting has forced the managers to come to the table with the plan that was ultimately supported by unanimous vote of the city council.

The decision of the managers follows a similar step taken by the city’s clerk, attorney, and treasurer.

Later this week, a commission on compensation is expected to decide whether or not the mayor and city council members will be forced to contribute the 7 percent from their salaries. Currently, the council and mayor pay 4 percent, while the city covers 3 percent.

In exchange for the contribution to pensions, the employees will no longer be furloughed, but it will still save the city $100,000 per year.

From the Sacramento Bee:

With the annual cost of employee pensions rising, top management officials at Sacramento City Hall have agreed to pay the entire employee share of their CalPERS retirement contributions.

That agreement – approved by a unanimous City Council vote on Tuesday night – follows a decision by the city’s clerk, attorney, treasurer and manager to also pay their employee share.

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