The dust from the Solyndra debacle hasn’t settled yet, but that hasn’t kept the city of San Jose from stepping in to try to help re-settle some of the failed company’s displaced workers.

Career advancement services for former Solyndra employees as well as employees of Solyndra vendors and contractors laid off as a result of the Solyndra closure have been made through local, federally-funded workforce development agencies. These services are available in the San Jose area through work2future, a federally funded workforce development agency and unit of San Jose’s Office of Economic Development. Similar services are offered in Alameda County by the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board.

Laid-off employees who enroll in these services will have access to skills assessments, occupational training, skills-development workshops, job-readiness preparation, job postings, specialized recruitments, job fairs, networking and other re-employment services.

Several enrollment events specifically for former Solyndra workers have been scheduled as follows in San Jose and Newark.