With all the coming’s and going’s in California local government, it can be hard to keep track of where your friends are or what’s happening in your neighboring municipalities. But Trackdown Management helps keep the state up-to-date with their newsletter.
PublicCEO presents his Picking Up the Pieces:

Atherton Interim City Manager John Danielson is back ready to work following a November medical emergency that required surgery. The City has appealed to PERS to get an extension to allow John to continue working in an interim capacity.

Robert Uyttebroek is the new Newark Finance Director effective January 3, 2012 replacing retiring Director Dennis McFarland. The Newark City Manager is Kyle Sonnenberg, and he praises the former Navy man’s “enthusiasm.”

After 15-years of service, Fortuna Assistant City Manager Cheryl Nicholson has been terminated by City Manager Duane Rigge.

The Thousand Oaks City Manager is Scott Mitnick.

Former Galt Parks and Recreation Director Boyce Jeffries has filed an age-discrimination case against the City following his lay-off when his position was eliminated as a result of budget cuts. Community Development Director Curt Campion was also laid-off. The Galt City Manager is Jason Behrmann.

San Marino City Manager Matt Ballantyne has announced three promotions from within to the City’s Executive Team. The new San Marino Fire Chief is Jim Frawley, who has 22-years of experience. He is taking the helm from retired Chief Jim Anderson. Community Services Director Lucy Garcia will step into the Assistant City Manager post in February to replace the retiring Cindy Collins. Current San Marino Recreation Manager Sue Cobb will step into the Community Services Director position when Lucy takes the ACM job.

Mark Risco, Interim President and CEO of Willdan Financial Services, expresses enthusiasm regarding the appointment of James Edison as the company’s Managing Principal in their Oakland office. James specializes in the nexus between public and private enterprise. He has a BA from Harvard University and holds an MPP and JD from the University of California, Berkeley.

With Rancho Santa Margarita City Manager Steve Hayman about to retire, the city has been recruiting for his replacement. Steve will leave office at the end of the year. The Orange County community received more than 70 applications to fill the post.

Sergio Gonzalez is the Interim City Manager in South Pasadena.

Riverside Community Development Director Scott Barber, who has been serving as Interim City Manager, has been appointed as the permanent replacement for former Riverside City Manager Brad Hudson.

While attending a conference in Florida as a member of the Long Beach Gateway Workforce Investment Network, Shaun Lumachi, 33, was recently killed in a automobile accident. Shaun was a longtime advocate for the Greater Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Claremont Assistant City Manager Tony Ramos is the new City Manager with Jeff Parker moving to the Tustin City Manager post. Tony is a former Walnut ACM.

Ferndale City Manager Jay Parrish received a letter from the U.S. Coast Guard terminating the loan agreement that allowed the historic lens of the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse to be housed at the Ferndale Museum. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Karl L. Schultz contends that the lens is being kept “…in an unsuitable and unsafe environment continuing to deteriorate.” The City has housed the lens since 1948.

West Covina City Manager Andy Pasmant retired effective December 30, 2011.

Former California Energy Commissioner Geoffrey Commons, 73, an attorney, without electric power for six days, was arrested for threatening to kill city employees if they did not restore his electric power to his Pasadena home after a recent wind storm.

Maricopa, Arizona Assistant City Manager Roger Kolman has resigned effective January 6. The Maricopa City Manager is Brenda Fischer, former Glendora Deputy City Manager.

Pomona City Manager Linda Lowry is a member of the California Philharmonic Foundation Board of Directors. Former Pomona City Administrator A. J. Wilson has been appointed the Interim Executive Director for the San Bernardino International Airport. Former Interim Executive Director Donald L. Rogers resigned following an FBI raid on the airport in September.

Former Highland City Manager Sam Racadio, currently a Highland City Council Member, serves on the San Bernardino International Airport Authority Board.


Gilbert Livas has been officially sworn-in to replace Downey City Manager Jerry Caton, who retired after 22-years in the position.

Los Alamitos Parks and Recreation Director Angie Avery has been selected to serve as the new Los Alamitos City Manager beginning January 3rd. Former Los Alamitos City Manager Jeff Stewart began his tenure as the new Bellflower City Manager on the same day. Former Bellflower City Manager Mike Egan is now the Norwalk City Manager following the retirement of Ernie Garcia.

With the retirement of Bell Gardens City Manager Steve Simonian, Assistant City Manager Philip Wagner has been appointed to that City’s top spot. Phil is a graduate of Los Angeles City College, Rio Hondo College, and University of Colorado Institute for Organization Management , and the University of Phoenix. A graduate of the Rio Hondo College Police Academy, Phil has served as a reserve police officer for Montebello for more than 30-years.

Long retired Huntington Park City Manager Harold Campbell celebrated his 89th birthday in October. He and his wife Juanita live in the Santa Rosa area and still frequently travel.

Former Lake Forest City Council Member, Mayor and former President of SCAG, Richard Dixon passed away at the age of 63 on Friday, November 25.

A salary reduction for Roseville City Manager Ray Kerridge would have been necessary if the initiative would have been approved by the local voters.

Retired Huntington Park City Manager Don Jeffers lives in La Quinta where he plays golf on a “user friendly” course. He and his wife Jane have a son, daughter-in-law and grandson who live about 40 miles from Nashville, Tennessee.

Carl Pope, 66, a member of the Sierra Club for more than 40-years, has stepped down as Sierra Club Chairman, one of the Nation’s most influential environmental groups. He resigns while there is internal dissent regarding the groups direction, and declining membership. The Sierra Club was founded by 19th Century Wilderness guru John Muir.

Simi Valley City Manager Mike Sedell has been working with Ventura County officials to try to resolve a property tax issue to support local library services. When Camarillo left the county library system it retained the property tax revenue from the county to support its library service. Simi Valley simply wants the same deal.

With Vista Assistant City Manager Patrick Johnson appointed to replace retiring City Manager Rita Geldert, Assistant to the City Manager Aly Zimmermann has been selected to serve as the new Vista Assistant City Manager.

Governor Jerry Brown has appointed Chester “Chet” Widom, 71, a past-President of the American Institute of Architects, to be the State Architect. Chet is a former Los Angeles Planning Commissioner.

With Azusa City Manager Fran Delach set to retire December 30, Assistant City Manager James Makshanoff was appointed to take the post.