People will take a day off of work to make their voices heard. At hearings, at committee meetings, and now at rallies, the people opposed to High Speed Rail are turning out to proclaim their rights to their property.

The Save Our Homes campaign was conceived by Kings County Supervisor Richard Valle, and its his way to make sure that the voices of people in small cities across California are heard. At its first rally at an Amtrak station in Corcoran, residents turned out with their signs and a camera. The pictures will be turned into posters that Valle says he will show anytime he speaks about High Speed Rail.

It is his hope that the movement will spread into other communities throughout the Central Valley. Then the breadth of the High Speed Rail opposition can effectively be demonstrated. The start of this movement came shortly after a Madera County Board of Supervisors vote to oppose the project.

From the Hanford Sentinel:

The organizers of a new strategy to protest high-speed rail say they’re hoping what happens in Corcoran doesn’t stay in Corcoran.

The Save Our Homes campaign, the brainchild of Kings County Supervisor Richard Valle, got its start in Corcoran on Saturday with a rally at the Amtrak station. Participants are hoping other towns pick up the torch and stage similar gatherings at landmarks in other cities.

“It’s my commitment to continue to oppose this project,” Valle said.

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