The debate over how a locally operated library will receive its property tax funding has been put to bed, at least temporarily.

A deal was reached between Simi Valley and the County of Ventura regarding a 32,000 square foot library, which will transfer to the city’s control. The shift to a locally operated system came in response to a new state law that could have limited the council’s choices on future operating schemes.

Under the local control, the city will bid out operations for the library to the county, other public agencies, as well as interested private sector companies. If the City elects to have the County continue to operate the facility, the lease will cost $1 per year. Should they opt for any other group, the cost will rise to $60,000 per year.

From the Ventura County Star:

Ventura County government has reached a deal with the city of Simi Valley for a 40-year lease of the county-owned building that houses the Simi Valley library.

The agreement was signed Friday by top officials three weeks after the Simi Valley City Council voted to pull out of the 13-branch county library system and run an independent public library instead.

Simi Valley officials said they were satisfied with the county’s management but wanted to preserve local control by leaving before a new state law took effect that they believed would limit their options.

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