After pleading no contest to charges that he had inappropriate contact and illegal sex with a 16 year old boy, former Tehachapi City Council Member Daniel Reed was sentenced to two years in jail. The case was resolved via a plea deal that traded a shorter prison sentence, restitution, and a lifetime registration as a sex offender for a protracted trial. However, the legal battles for Reed haven’t ended yet.

While released on bail for this charge, Reed was arrested after having twice met with a 13-year old boy to have sex. Those charges are still pending and could result in as much as 16 more years in prison.

Since his arrest, Reed has resigned from the city council and from his position as a fire fighter for Kern County.


A former Tehachapi city councilman received a two-year prison sentence Wednesday for engaging in sex acts with teenage boys, and his legal troubles are far from over.

Daniel Shane Reed, 41, is scheduled to return to court in mid-February in connection with three more felony sex charges. If convicted in that case, he faces a 16-year sentence.

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