Victory depends upon perception, at least that’s the case when it comes to court battles in Stockton. That’s because both sides of a single lawsuit have both claimed that the judge has ruled for them. And they may both be at least half true.

One question of the suit –whether or not the Stockton Police Union’s purchase of the house neighboring City Manager Bob Deis’ residence – was decided for the city and the purchase labeled a violation of the fair labor practices. The other, whether or not the city had the right to impose pay cuts two years ago, was partially ruled for the union. The judge appeared to tell the union that they had no obligation to return to the bargaining table.

At stake is as much as $10 million in back pay, as well as the fiscal solvency for the city.

From the

A judge on Thursday issued a string of rulings in Stockton’s fight with its police union over the city breaking their contract amid financial crisis.

Attorneys on both sides interpreted the preliminary rulings as outright victories in the ongoing case.

San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Lesley Holland found grounds for the city to proceed with its claim that the police union bought the house next door to City Manager Bob Deis solely to harass and intimidate him.

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