On a day that the Sacramento Bee published an update of the more than 50 ballot measures already cleared for circulation by the Attorney General’s Office, one has been scrapped. The Think Long Committee, a group that was pushing for its own tax initiative on the ballot, has joined the initiative sponsored by the California Forward Action Fund.

The California Forward Action Fund initiative would make major changes to the state, including how its writes its budgets and how the state is governed.

The condensing of initiatives isn’t necessarily surprising, as many are already complaining of an overly crowded and confusing budget. Think Long had already endorsed several parts of the California Forward platform. Their decision to hold off on their own initiative this election cycle does not rule out a 2014 push for their own agenda.

From the Sacramento Bee

An independent committee backed by billionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen announced today that it will support a proposed ballot measure that would make major changes to the state’s budget and governance processes.

Berggruen, who previously pledged to spend at least $20 million on the Think Long Committee for California‘s effort, said the proposal released by California Forward last year “perfectly reflects both the growing public demand in California for a more accountable government and Think Long’s mission of strengthening California’s democracy for the long term. “

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