Despite the looming February 1 deadline, Redevelopment continues to register the faintest of pulses, according to Sacramento Bee Columnist Dan Walters. Legislators from both sides of last year’s debate over Redevelopment are working to devise some short-term fix for the now outlawed form of local government.

Several bills are pending in either house of the Capitol that would reincarnate Redevelopment in different forms. One bill would expand upon the already-existing ‘Infrastructure Financial Districts.’ These districts can make investments into purely infrastructure projects, but require a vote of the people before getting underway.

Senate President Darrell Steinberg is advocating for a different approach that would utilize an asset pool to use resources for high-income jobs or low-income housing. But his plan contains several provisions that run in opposition to some of Governor Brown’s intention of de-centralizing government and increasing local control.

However the debate continues, Redevelopment and the coalition pushing for its survival haven’t given up on the last signs of life yet.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Some of the California legislators who voted last year to abolish redevelopment agencies and shift their money into schools and other local governments appear to be having executioner’s remorse – creating uncertainty about redevelopment’s future, if any.

A hastily formed coalition of labor, business and local government groups is pressing the Legislature to fast-track at least a temporary stay of execution for the more than 400 local redevelopment agencies.

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