Public and private agencies that serve the medical needs of some of San Joaquin County’s neediest residents are working together to improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare they provide. By bringing together primary care physicians, mental health experts, specialists, and preventative services, the groups are coordinating care for the betterment of the community.

The work is being funded in part by $1 million in grant funding that has been awarded to the various participating agencies. Among the first improvements coming to San Joaquin County will be the creation of a Health Information Exchange, which should go live in the county by November 1. That will allow doctors to coordinate care by maximizing the flow of information – limiting redundant or unnecessary testing and work.

Although 26 counties applied for grant funding, San Joaquin County was one of only two that will receive the money. The other was Los Angeles.

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Imagine a health care system that provides you with medical attention when you need it, superior treatment and seamless coordination between your primary care doctor and a specialist.

It already exists.

But for thousands of chronically sick, disenfranchised poor San Joaquin County residents the concept is nothing but a pipe dream.

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