On Tuesday, the Millbrae City Council approved transfer agreements that officially approves the take over of policing services by the San Mateo Sheriff’s office. The deal, which was set in motion in November, is an attempt to control the cost of policing services in the city. Including overhead, benefits, and other expenses, Millbrae’s stand-alone force was expected to cost $7.2 million in the upcoming fiscal year.

Now, sworn officers have the option of being hired by the Sheriff’s office, pending a background check. If any are not given a position, they will receive six months severance pay – or an average of $48,907 each.

Even with the payouts, the first year savings is expected to be nearly $1.7 million, and should increase over the subsequent five years.

From the San Mateo Daily Journal:

Millbrae’s Police Department is set to close in early March when the Sheriff’s Office takes over after the City Council approved transfer agreements Tuesday evening.

In November, the City Council voted to contract for services provided by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. On Tuesday, the council approved two transfer agreements to make it happen — an agreement with the Millbrae Police Officers’ Association and one with the county about property. The goal is for the county to officially take over service at 12:01 a.m. Monday, March 5.

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