San Jose is in its 11th consecutive year of budget cuts. And it seems that the constant cutting is starting to have an impact on local residents who are warming up to the idea of increasing taxes to balance the budget.

A poll, commissioned by the City, shows that while the first choice of residents to balance the budget is cutting compensation to employees, the second place is now raising taxes. And part of Mayor Reed’s Fiscal Reform plan calls for new taxes to be placed on the ballot – after voters approve pension reforms.

However, when it comes to taxes, and increase in the sales tax (proposed at a quarter of a percentage) now polls 5 percent higher than it did last year. 65 percent were in favor, while only 30 percent were set against the idea.

85 perecent of people responding to the poll were in favor of selling at least one of the three city-owned golf courses.

From the Mercury News:

After years of service cuts, San Jose residents appear to be warming to the idea of new taxes, according to a recent poll commissioned by the city. But the poll also shows residents still strongly favor curbs on employee compensation to help solve the city’s budget woes, as well as selling one of the city’s three golf courses.

The results of the latest annual survey will be part of a City Council budget study session on Monday and a more detailed review at Tuesday’s council meeting. And they come on the heels of renewed criticism from employee unions about Mayor Chuck Reed’s push for a June ballot measure to reduce employee pension costs.

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