In Orange County, the Board of Supervisors is tackling the same issue that will appear state-wide on the June Ballot: What should we do with term limits.

For state-level offices, term limits have been on the books for years. Members of the Assembly may serve three, two-year terms and senators may serve two, four-year terms. Prop 28 may change that standard, allowing members of both houses to serve 12 years total in Sacramento.

In Orange County, supervisors are limited to just two, four-year terms. But Supervisor John Moorlach is proposing raising the limit to three terms. It’s a move that would allow Moorlach one more term on the Board before he’s termed-out. But he says that it’s more than self-serving, it’s also in the interest of the residents he represents. After his first five years in office, he feels like he’s finally hitting his stride, removing him now would injure the interests of the residents.

So he’s asking the Board to put the issue before voters on the June Primary ballot.

From the Orange County Register:

John Moorlach, chairman of Orange County’s Board of Supervisors, is proposing a change in term limits that would permit him to run for a third term in 2014.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, Moorlach will ask his colleagues to place a referendum on the June ballot that would allow supervisors to serve a maximum of three four-year terms in their lifetime. They are currently limited to two consecutive terms, but there is no lifetime maximum.

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