Two police officers and ranking members of the local police association are claiming that their criticisms of city officials led to their being passed-over for promotions. Their lawsuit seeks to have them given their promotions, pay, as well as attorneys’ fees, the cost of the trial, and unspecified damages.

It arises from a dispute between city officers and officials that began in 2007. Budget cuts and layoffs, including the dismissal of former Police Chief Edward Lopez in 2008. Along the way, officers Mark Adams and Chris Kuberry vocalized their displeasure with the council and city staff during the city council meetings and on the streets, where they are said to have passed out pamphlets and fliers explaining their side of the situation.

When an opening for promotion came around, the two officers who say they were ranked as the first and second most qualified employees, were passed up. The city, however, said that any performance rankings the city has does not dictate promotions, instead it is left to each department.

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

Two Baldwin Park Police officers are accusing the city and three officials of passing them over for promotions because of their history of outspoken criticism of city leadership.

Baldwin Park Police Association (BPPA) President Mark Adams and Vice President Chris Kuberry filed a lawsuit in federal court on Jan. 19 against Police Chief Lili Hadsell, City Manager Vijay Singhal and Councilwoman Marlen Garcia.

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