The Anaheim City Council is taking its regularly scheduled meeting on the road this week, as the council sets a first for the city: meeting outside of city hall.

It’s a move that the Council hopes will demonstrate that they represent the interests of everyone in the city while increasing participation and improving transparency. The traveling meetings come amid an increase in public interest in the happenings on the council. Their recent decision to use $158 million in tax incentives for a proposed development of two luxury hotels has had the council chambers packed in recent weeks.

The move at a time when much criticism is being expressed during public comment, has some critics looking for ulterior motives. However, it was Mayor Tom Tait who recommended that the council go on the move because the city – which is nearly 25 miles wide, is the widest city in Orange County.

From the Orange County Register:

The City Council is ready to hit the road.

On Tuesday, the council will hold its first meeting outside of City Hall, setting up shop for its 5 p.m. meeting at the East Anaheim Gymnasium.

Anaheim council members, including Lorri Galloway and Mayor Tom Tait, pictured here with Police Chief John Welter, left, are taking the City Council meeting on the road for the first time Tuesday.

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