As a parent and owner of a wireless contract, one would think that access to what your child sends and receives on their cell phone would be openly available. However, it turns out that isn’t always the case.

Arizona State Senator Rich Crandall learned that, at least in Arizona, if a parent wants to view his or her child’s text messages, it could require a court order – even if the child was a minor. To address the problem, Crandall introduced SB 1219 into the Arizona State Senate. That bill is now receiving national attention.

With so many reported cases of bullying and cyber bullying, Senator Crandall said this is a way legislators can remove roadblocks to protect their children. Click here to watch the CNN interview.

“If I have a 13-year-old being harassed via text, I can’t call and get those texts,” Crandall said. “This bill will allow me to at least pay to see the text messages for my children.”

Cell phone providers would not be prohibited from charging a fee and the bill does not require the wireless companies to change any of their current retention policies. Senator Crandall’s Fox News interview can be seen here.