Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan continues to come under fire for how he has handled criticism of his department’s actions related the murder of a 67 year-old man.

An official investigation was launched into Chief Meehan after an officer reported to officials that she was ordered to go to the Oakland residence of a reporter and demand a revision to a story that was published. The reporter acquiesced after feeling intimidated.

It has now been revealed that the Chief ordered the police communication department to research the reporter’s personal information to discover the address.

The Chief wanted additional revisions to the story about the murder, but the Bay Area News Group reporter refused. Saying he had already given the Chief more than other reporters would have, the issue was put to bed until after midnight, when the officer showed up at the reporter’s door.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Berkeley’s police chief told an officer to look up a reporter’s contact information on department databases before ordering her to his home to push for changes in a story related to a slaying, according to records and interviews Tuesday.

The disclosure prompted more criticism of the actions of Police Chief Michael Meehan, who is the subject of an independent investigation.

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