The Calexico City Council has approved a resolution that declares the city’s support of a public/private partnership to build a new Port of Entry on the Mexico border.

The project, which was originally intended to be handled entirely by the federal government, was mothballed due to budget constraints. Now, after $25 million in improvements over the last seven years, the local governments may be stepping in.

A potential public/private partnership with the City of Calexico and County of Imperial could lead to the first-ever privately constructed port of entry. It would be built to federal government specifications. The government could them enter into a lease agreement with the PPP and use the port of entry.

The city manager says that the city could benefit from the increased traffic flow across the border and the jobs that would come from construction.

From the Tribune Weekly Chronicle:

The Calexico City Council adopted a resolution declaring the City Council’s support to the improvements and construction for the new port of entry.

The resolution of the City Council supports efforts to obtain Federal funding and efforts to effectuate a public/private partnership to achieve a more timely construction of the improvements with the new Port of Entry, Calexico West.

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