In Vancouver, Washington, a switch to iPods did more than simply improving the technological proficiency of the city council, it’s saving trees.

To finance the switch to the iPads, the city used $17,000 in grant money. Now, the city is making back that cost 50,000 sheets of paper per year. That’s because the switch to the digital screens has kept the city from printing multiple copies of every report and memo for each of the city meetings.

The City’s staff claims that the efficiency of the meetings has increased 40 percent, due in part to the ability to rapidly search documents – which are all housed on a city cloud accessible in the Chambers.


Stories of Apple’s success in integrating the iPad into business have been easy to come by in the last year as many companies and organizations are finding that not only does the tablet save them time, but also money.

According to a report from AppleInsider, The City Council of Vancouver, Wash., found just that when it switched to iPads at the beginning of 2012. After these last two months, the council has seen a reduction in paper usage to the tune of 40 percent, which amounts to about 50,000 pages of paper over the course of the year.

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