Sometimes being your own boss means you have to be your own worst critic. Keller, Texas, city manager Dan O’Leary proved that when he laid himself off.

Looking at the city’s governmental structure, he realized that the city of 40,000 didn’t need three executive level managers. He then reported to the city council in closed session that he had decided to let himself go, and leave the responsibility of the city to his two assistant city managers. The move came at a perfect time for O’Leary, who wanted to carefully time his departure.

April 20, his last day, comes before municipal elections and will help him avoid the appearance of leaving due to election results. It also comes before the thickest part of budget negotiations, and it also comes after the latest report from the auditor.

During what is widely accepted as his successful tenure at the city’s helm, Keller was listed on CNN’s 100 Best Small Towns to live in.

From the Keller Citizen:

Keller City Manager Dan O’Leary decided that someone from the top management ranks at City Hall had to go. So the person he laid off was himself.

He told the City Council of his decision during a closed session Tuesday, then announced it Wednesday morning.

“It’s a little unusual for a city of our size to have three city managers,” O’Leary said, referring to his two assistant city managers, Steve Polasek and Chris Fuller. “There was a time that was needed, but at this point in time, I don’t think we need three city managers.”

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