In Del Norte, the District Attorney has an interesting and personal perspective on the criminal justice system. He once served as a defense attorney, then as a defendant and inmate, and now as the District Attorney.

Years ago, Jon Alexander was a successful defense attorney, before he succumbed to an addiction to methamphetamines, an addiction that led to a six-month sentence in jail. After serving his time, a stint in rehab, and serving a suspension from the state bar, Alexander returned to practicing law – this time as a prosecutor. After just six months, an investigation for ethics complaints led to his being fired from the prosecutor’s office and he opened his own private firm. He worked as a public defender.

Then, using a platform of “Death to Meth” he was elected to District Attorney. He has not, however, been able to avoid accusations and scandal. Many criticized his dismissing charges in a missing child case that involved a former client. The FBI is investigating him for fraud and bribery – stemming from $6,000 that he was lent from the local lawyer who was involved in the missing child case. He’s also been accused of trying to sell his former position as Public Defender in a scheme that some say is reminiscent of Rod Blagojevich.

The accusations of wrong doing continue to mount, and the DA says its due to embittered former opponents and colleagues.

From the Sacramento Bee:

On his redemptive journey from meth addict to district attorney, Jon Alexander carried one constant companion: a magnet for trouble.

After a methamphetamine habit nearly destroyed him, Alexander resurrected his career and devoted himself to helping other addicts recover. In 2010, running on a platform of “death to meth,” he surprised many in Del Norte County, a remote corner of northwest California – known for illicit drugs, salmon fishing and the feared Pelican Bay State Prison – by winning election as district attorney.

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