In the month of March, the CSAC Institute will hold three courses focusing on leadership, budget solutions, and IT Services. All three will take place in Sacramento and are an opportunity to learn skills that can help effectively administer California counties.

Values-Based Leadership: Strategies for Success in Public Service
Friday, March 9

Understanding the relationship of values to decisions can be a helpful decision-making tool. Focusing on commonly held (although sometimes competing) values underlying difficult policy dilemmas can help leaders bridge differing perspectives—either while policies are being debated or after difficult decisions have been made and need to be explained. In addition, clearly articulated organizational values provide staff with important information on an organization’s priorities. This course explores the role values play in personal and organizational leadership, strategies to consider in modeling organizational values, and approaches to making and explaining difficult decisions.

Instructor: John King is nationally recognized as a teacher, coach, and leader. He is CEO of Cultural Architecture, Inc., and the Cultural Architecture Institute. Cultural Architecture is an education oriented consulting firm focusing on strategic leadership, strategy and cultural change. John is co-author of the books Tribal Leadership and The Coaching Revolution.

Creative Budget Solutions and Innovative Service Design
Thursday, March 15

Given mandated services, citizen expectations and the continuing and lasting scope of the economic meltdown, California counties cannot simply cut their way out of their deep budget challenge.  This interactive course will explore the paradoxes and dilemmas of typical budget cutbacks, a menu of creative budget solutions, practical tools for departments, and leadership approaches. Class highlights innovative approaches to redesigning service delivery. Two county case studies are used to identify innovative approaches and lessons learned.  Course participants will also contribute case examples of service redesign as well as effective tools.

Instructors: Dr. Frank Benest is former city manager of Palo Alto and a noted expert in organizational leadership and management, and David Boesch is the former county manager of San Mateo County.

County Information Technology Services: Policies, Security, Governance & the Future
Thursday, March 29

This course examines the role of IT in changing the delivery of county services. It highlights key elements in the management of information technology, what supervisors and senior executives should ask, model policies, and how technology should be governed. At a policy level participants explore the IT value proposition, aligning IT services with county business objectives, establishment of parameters for security and confidentiality and standards to expect from IT services. Looking to the future, participants explore emerging technologies and their application in delivering county services from cloud computing (this is the future) to the mobility of information access. The conversation focuses on increasing expectations from IT services, setting metrics and crafting the direction into a manageable plan.

Instructor: Jon W. Fullinwider is Principal of Integrated Technology Solutions and former Chief Information Officer of Los Angeles County.

All courses are held in Sacramento from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Institute courses are $75/person (includes materials and lunch). Discounts apply for multiple registrations.

To register for courses or to learn more about the Institute, credential programs, and courses,please visit, or email and request an informational packet.