The delays that can sometimes develop as a permit makes its way through the County’s bureaucratic structure may soon be alleviated, if the Napa County Chief Executive Officer has her way.

Under a new plan unveiled last week, the Napa County Departments of Environmental Management and the Department of Planning could be consolidated into a one-stop-shop operated out of the Public Works Department. The move could reduce costs for the city and increase accessibility and timeliness of services to residents and businesses.

The move doesn’t involve cutting County staff, instead the realigned services focuses on improving the way that government works, and improving the way government works with the governed.

The plan could become policy in May, after the CEO has a chance to prepare a full assessment of the plan.

From the North Bay Business Journal:

NAPA — In an effort to streamline its permitting process while reducing costs, Napa County is proposing to consolidate its Environmental Management and Planning departments, which would then be operated out of the county’s Public Works Department, creating a “one-stop shop” for permits.

The proposal by County Executive Officer Nancy Watt would cut down on delays often endured by those seeking approval for various projects and instead create a “more intuitive processes,” according to Ms. Watt.

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