Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has thrown is two-cents into the debate currently roiling about the future of San Francisco Sheriff, who recently pled guilty to false imprisonment in a domestic abuse case.

His plea to the misdemeanor legally allows Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to “keep his gun” and thereby continue to serve in his position as Sheriff. However, the plea leaves the women’s rights advocates feeling unsatisfied and calling for his job.

Should Mayor Lee want, he could press a case against Mirkarimi and move for his ouster. However, the politics of such a move would certainly mean at least some of the San Francisco officials – be it the Supervisors, Mayor, Attorney, or Sheriff – would have to jump headlong into a highly political process with repercussions manifested either during the upcoming November elections or on a recall petition that could see its way to the streets beforehand.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has arrived at the first moment of truth for his still-fledging administration – what to do about Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

The plea bargain that was struck in Mirkarimi’s case, in which he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment of his wife rather than a clear charge of domestic violence, has dropped the mayor into “the barrel,” as we say in politics.

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