Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is quietly fighting a public fight against recall. The people fuelling the fight, however, will remain secret until the end of next month.

The laws that govern recall campaign fundraising are more lax than those for candidates or statewide campaigns. As such, the fundraising record for the Recall effort – and the campaign against recall – will not be reported until the end of April. It’s a far cry from the immediacy of other campaigns, such as Governor Brown’s tax measure that must immediately disclose any donations of $1,000 or more.

However, with both sides using the same tactics, it wouldn’t be surprising to see both stockpile resources now to maximize on the initial lead time on reporting.

From the East Bay Express:

One of the campaigns attempting to recall Oakland Mayor Jean Quan from office is raising thousands of dollars to pay for professional signature-gatherers. But the group, Committee to Recall Mayor Quan Now, is refusing to disclose its donors or exactly how much it has raised. Under lax state reporting rules, the group doesn’t have to — at least not for six more weeks, by which time it expects to have collected thousands of signatures. The same laws, meanwhile, are allowing a group that formed to support Quan and fight the recall to keep its contributors secret until at least April 30 as well.

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