Arvin Mayor Tim Tarver is behind on taxes owed to not only his city, but also the county he hopes to lead. Records show that he owes more than $15,292 in back taxes.

His financial struggles do not prohibit him for seeking office, but the back taxes and several notices of default that have been sent to Tarver could play a role in the campaign. He and his wife have fallen behind on their loans five times in recent years, owing between $5000 and $8500 each time. He bills have been paid off and then subsequently the couple falls behind again. Tarver has also been assessed liens for both federal and state taxes.

He says that his family has struggled with the current fiscal downturn like many others, and his situation worsened after he took a job as a sub-contractor at an oil refinery, only to be laid off later.

From the Bakersfield Californian:

The personal finances of Tim Tarver, Arvin’s mayor and a candidate for Kern County supervisor, have been deeply troubled for the past six years, court and county records uncovered by The Californian show.

They include a repeated failure to pay property taxes, money that supports the city he leads and the county he wants to help lead.

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