Last week was an unfortunately bloody week for local law enforcement. From across the country, we are reminded by the risk and sacrifice of those who serve and protect.

In Orangevale, a Sacramento suburb, Sheriff deputies served a narcotics warrant and exchanged gunfire with a suspect. One deputy was grazed in the exchange and the suspect was killed. In Modesto, an eviction turned deadly as a suspect fired on two deputies and a locksmith, killing one deputy and the locksmith. And in New Hampshire, a police chief just a week from retirement was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Each time a life is lost, it is a tragedy. We highlight their loss by providing this story about the loss of Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney.

From the Boston Globe:

There was one last thing Michael Maloney needed to attend to before heading off into retirement after 26 years as a police officer, a task he would not leave to others.

“He couldn’t talk about it,’’ Karen Anderson, Greenland’s town administrator, recalled Friday, “but he said he would take care of it.’’

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