The long sought-after arena deal for the Sacramento Kings appeared to have died last week. The speed with which the deal fell apart is a stark comparison to the years-long slog of trying to finalize terms that would keep the NBA team in Sacramento for decades.

The Kings owners, the Maloof Family, balked at several million dollars of initial costs they were required to pay. Instead, they said they never agreed to those particular fees. As the deal began deteriorating, the Maloofs asked for the City’s assistance in renovating the current arena. That offer was resoundingly rejected by Mayor Kevin Johnson.

The final blows to the potential deal came from an open letter sent from the chair of the Think BIG Sacramento committee, Chris Lehane, described the Maloofs as disingenuous and manipulators. He pointed to several flat-out fabrications and a series of smoke-and-mirror tactics.

For now, a new Downtown Entertainment and Sports Complex in Sacramento appears to be dead.

You can read Lehane’s Letter here.