Last week, The White House honored Corazon Basa Cortes Tomalinas as one of twelve leaders recognized for their work to prevent youth violence within their communities as part of the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention (the Forum). Launched at the direction of President Obama in 2010, the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is a network of communities and federal agencies working together to share information and build local capacity to prevent and reduce youth violence. Ms. Tomalinas, along with the Forum’s San Jose team, reported on their progress at a national summit yesterday in Washington, D.C.

“I’m proud leaders like these have found new and innovative ways to prevent youth violence,” said Director of the Office of Public Engagement Jon Carson. “If we’re going to combat violence and keep our kids safe, then we need to ensure we dedicate time and manpower to the issue. These leaders have done just that, and this is what makes them true champions for their communities and our country.”

Corazon Basa Cortes Tomalinas is a Pilipino Immigrant, a full-time community activist, and a registered nurse. For more than 20 years, Ms. Tomalinas has been the lead community activist behind the Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force (MGPTF) in San Jose, California. Her insistence that the MGPTF be part of the City’s culture and a priority for past, current and future leaders of San Jose has ensured continued focus and sustainability. Ms. Tomalinas also serves as a board member of Sacred Heart Community Services, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, and the Santa Clara County Re-entry Network. More information on the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention and San Jose’s role is available at: