In recent years, total and partial consolidations have become more common in local government. However, they don’t always work. Now, Siskiyou County may try to un-consolidate two department heads.

In December 2010, the Departments of Behavioral Health Services merged with the Department of Human Services and one director was assigned for both departments. However, the lack of experience that Director Michael Noda has in the area of behavioral sciences has contributed – if not led – to a breakdown in services and morale. At the time of his appointment to the dual-role, he did not have the requisite certifications, but an exemption was made.

Recruiting and hiring a new director for the DBH may be challenging. The County Controller has objected to the idea. He said that the county doesn’t have the money to fund the position – part of the original reason the departments were merged nearly 2 years ago.

From the Siskiyou Daily News:

The Siskiyou County Department of Behavioral Health Services (BHS) – now part of the Department of Human Services – will make another attempt to hire a director of Behavioral Health as the county board of supervisors voted Tuesday to re-create the position and begin recruiting applicants.

In addition, the change would include reclassifying current Assistant Director of Human Services Kate O’Shea’s position. She will now serve as the director of Social Services Division.

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