Hercules, still battling to emerge from under a pallor cast by previous city councils and managers, is working to fix its problems while keeping an eye forward. Defining the future path for the city could take the form of a proposed Strategic Plan.

However, a small disagreement emerged over the tone and wording of the strategic plan drafted by city manager Steve Duran. In it, he called for leadership based in reality, rather than grandiose dreams. Those dreams had put the city into a precarious financial position over the last few years, and have left the city working to avoid bankruptcy. However, the term was thought to be too negative for a document meant to set a tone for the future.

However, more than just the language, the strategic plan includes a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) assessment of the city. The assessment has nearly more weaknesses than strengths and opportunities combined, and many of the threats are not in the immediate control of the city.

Never the less, the plan does present a path forward through several strategies, and goals. Paramount among them are goals that call for restoring the sound fiscal footing of the city and restoring trust in government

From the Contra Costa Times:

After years of ambitious but unrealized development projects, Hercules is not ready to call for “reality-based leadership” in its Strategic Plan.

“There’s some language here I think (is) quite negative, and I just wanted to be a little bit more positive and optimistic for the future,” Councilwoman Myrna de Vera said during an April 24 City Council discussion of suggested changes to a draft Strategic Plan prepared by City Manager Steve Duran.

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