Pinole and Hercules have decided to continue treating wastewater together, now the questing to be answered is simply: how.

Current plans call for rate increases to be passed onto rate payers that would fund an upgrade to the current treatment plant. That facility is unable to handle the maximum flow during heavy rainfall. During those times of peak flow, untreated water has been discharged into the bay and left the two cities vulnerable to fines.

Progress had been stymied on finding a long-term solution to challenges posed by the under-sized and aged facility because Hercules had previously been waffling on continuing to use the plant. They had been considering sending their water to the West County Wastewater District. However, once the decision was reached to continue to work with the joint powers, the question of permitting and discharge once again took center stage. The JPA has been working with water officials to extend the facility’s permits to avoid being out-of-compliance.

From the Pinole Patch:

A private company is pitching a new approach to a planned upgrade for the plant that treats Pinole and Hercules wastewater, promising that it will cost the city and ratepayers far less than a current proposal.

Perc Water, which made a presentation at the Pinole City Council meeting April 17, will provide information. The company told council members it would design, build and finance a new facility that could recycle water.

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