Today, when people across the state are largely deciding who they want in office, voters in Fullerton may decide who they want out of office. Today is the recall election for a majority of the city council.

The recall effort may have been festering behind the scenes before a homeless and mentally ill man died after being beaten by city police officers. However, Kelly Thomas gave a name and a face to a movement. Since then what began as a small gathering of vocal protesters has led to protests with hundreds of people, over-full council meetings, and 13 candidates running to replace three members of the city council.

But the movement isn’t unanimous and the turmoil between those supporting and opposing the recall will likely be settled on Tuesday even if the underlying issues don’t go away. One of the main proponents of the recall – who has funneled more than $200,000 into the effort – is being accused of being motivated to make himself king. Opponents of the recall are blamed for failures that resulted in and resulted from the death of Kelly Thomas.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Among the sidewalk cafes, bars and art galleries of downtown Fullerton, banners that hang from light poles proclaim “We love Fullerton.”

The flags depict iconic local scenes — a popular hiking trail, a nighttime streetscape, the downtown train station — and favorite sons guitar maker Leo Fender and former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda.

Off the main drag, though, the signs posted in yards and on street corners tell a more conflicted story.

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