The impacts of Governor Brown’s budget in San Bernardino could be catastrophic, as some of the county’s most needy residents could have their assistance cut or eliminated all together.

The cuts to the State’s budgets amount to a $126 million reduction in funding for the county, with deep cuts coming to the county’s welfare and foodstamp programs, as well as the department of Transitional Assistance. There, a $6 million gap in administrative services would result in the laying off of 75 employees. An additional $54 million reduction from services could reduce the benefits for nearly 29,000 families and end benefits for more than 5,000 others.

The cuts are called ‘catastrophic’ and ‘out-of-control’ but they may soon be a reality for a county – many counties across the state – in fact who continue to battle with declining revenues from a down economy and a state desperate to stem the bleeding from its own budgets.

From the San Bernardino Sun:

San Bernardino County stands to lose $60 million in funding for its welfare and food stamp programs and would likely have to eliminate hundreds of positions under Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised budget proposal, officials said.

According to a memo from the county Department of Legislative Affairs, Brown’s revision earlier this month to the 2012-13 state budget – the May Revise – could mean for the county a $126-million reduction in program and administrative funding, a $1.7-million revenue shortfall and a potential reduction of 275 county positions.

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