Isleton’s interim city manager is at the helm of a city in crisis. It has no police force, no hope for a balanced budget, and no money to a new police chief, attorney, or city manager.

The city has about $1 million in debt spending this year, but municipal revenues of just $425,000. And residents seem fed up at the lack of some services. Street signs are corroded and faded to the point that they’re nearly illegible.

Trying to solve the problem has elicited some interesting, unconventional ideas. For one, the city approved a massive marijuana farm, before running into opposition from the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI.

It’s a comedy of errors of sorts. One the first day of the interim manager’s tenure, there was an officer involved shooting where an officer missed shooting an attacking dog and the ricochet struck a man.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Perhaps we can stipulate that Isleton, Calif., is a pleasant little town filled with fascinating historic buildings, and that this weekend tens of thousands of people will enjoy a visit to its second annual Cajun Festival.

But even the most die-hard defender of this Delta hamlet at the southern tip of Sacramento County will concede Isleton has a problem or two.

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