Sacramento County Supervisors are trying to close a $60 million budget gap, but in so doing they may force the Sheriff to release 540 inmates early.

Part of the package of solutions presented included a $10.7 million cut to the Sheriff’s budget. That cut would mean the layoffs of 36 deputies. The reduction of staff would lead to the inmates early release. According to Sheriff Scott Jones, that would be a first in his career and he doesn’t yet know who would be released.

The Sheriff wouldn’t be the only one impacted by the proposed cuts. District Attorney Jan Scully would also have to decide how to handle accused criminals. She could reduce drug and property crime prosecutions.

From the Sacramento Bee:

If Sacramento County supervisors approve a proposed $10.7 million budget cut, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said Monday that he would release 540 inmates early from local jails.

Jones said he would have no choice but to release inmates early – the first time in at least the 20 years he’s been with the department – because he would have to lay off 36 correctional deputies.

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