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With the dissolution of the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department, the Belmont Fire Department found that they are not able to store all of the transferred equipment due to space limitations.  The Fire Protection District lacks available space in their stations and corporate yard. Due to this restraint staff is asking the Belmont Fire Protection District to approve a purchase order that would allow Bus and Equipment Repair of California, Inc. to store light vehicles and gear.

The department has inquired about available storage space with several other agencies, but has not been able to get proper clearance. Open storage yards would leave items vulnerable to theft and vandalism. It is important to the department to have easy access and ensure that all apparatuses are properly powered and ready to go at all times.

Douglas Fry, Fire Chief of Belmont, and Executive Director Greg Scoles submitted this proposal requesting authorization to enter into a rental agreement through June 2013. Total cost for FY2012 is $12,500, and is budgeted into the current budget. In FY2013 the rental costs would total $30,000. The total agreement must not exceed $42,500. Bus and Equipment is a secure building that will give the department around the clock access.