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The city of San Mateo recognized one of their own as the recipient of the Citywide Quarterly Achievement Award for the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2011-2012. Ken Chin of the Public Works Department was acknowledged for his work with the Bicycle Master Plan and the Pedestrian Master Plan.

The staff report reveals that Ken Chin was instrumental in spearheading the plans that went above and beyond to engage stakeholders and gather feedback from residents of all ages. While understanding pedestrian mobility needs in the community he proved himself a leader while completing significant public outreach to a broad public audience. Ken also conducted an online survey regarding pedestrian mobility and received almost 500 responses.

Likewise, sustainability is an increasingly important citywide issue that is being incorporated into daily practices for improving livability and the safety for our community and residents. According to the report, Ken has a great understanding of the vision to support the Bicycle Master Plan since its inception. Ken assisted with community meetings and public outreach efforts.  

In addition to the Bicycle Master Plan and the Pedestrian Master Plan, Ken has been the project manager for a Recycled Water Market Analysis which will evaluate the demand and viability of a recycled water treatment and distribution system for the City. The project is on-going and the information generated from the study will be incorporated in the development of the Waste Water Treatment Plant 20-Year Master Plan.