The implications of Carlos Bustamante’s indictment and decade of alleged sexual misconduct continues expanding. One of Orange County’s deputy CEO’s has resigned.

Alisa Drakodaidis was in charge of overseeing the city’s Public Works department, where Bustamante allegedly preyed upon female employees for nearly a decade. His direct supervisor was already fired with cause for failing to report or stop the attacks.

Apparently Drakodaidis’s letter of resignation levies new accusations against various officials throughout the County for interfering with County functions. The extent that she detailed the accusations or the entirety of the list she accused has yet to be confirmed. The County did not immediately release the letter.

From the Voice of the OC:

Indications are that Orange County Deputy CEO Alisa Drakodaidis is the latest high-level official heading out the door in the wake of the Carlos Bustamante sex crimes scandal.

And Drakodaidis has left behind a scathing letter that could rock the foundation of the county government.

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